The Internet: So Wierd It’s Good

futurumama image

Social Media has become important in the culture of today, with Twitter shows you what a fun time Jane had last night as you try to decipher the drunk tweet she did before throwing up.

If someone woke out of a 15 year coma and went on Twitter, they would think it’s some kind of cult with all the hashtags. There would be confused by the cults for Kim Kardashian and a cult for deporting Justin Bieber.


There’s only so many struggle plates one person can take seeing on Instagram and the posters have to be aware of it right? It’s got to be an elaborate plan to get me to buy them dinner, because there’s no way your thanking God in the caption, when your plates looking like you got it off a homeless man


I first joined YouTube when it was still relatively unknown back in 2006 and loved to read the comments and have a discussion with others. Now, I don’t even bother to read one comment, as that section has become filled with nothing but trolls, religious fights and other unrelated matters on a video about cats that shoot lasers.


Granted, more people are accessing the internet than back in 2006, but that just makes it even scarier to think that YouTube comments might represent the world as we know it. Let’s not even mention how many face palm worthy videos of people who “did it for the vine”.

 Facebook has made it seem like you remembered your “friend’s” birthday, when in actuality you forgot they existed till a notification popped up reminding you to be a decent person. Creeping has been taken to a whole new level with those suspicious likes from thirsty guys on Samantha’s pics at 2 a.m.


When Myspace was still a thing it used to have a feature where you display your top 10 friends. This started many arguments as you dropped from number five to six on Johnny’s top 10.

 Log on to any of these sites to see the hundredth copy and pasted “deep post” or the vague passive aggressive post about someone’s ex (we all know who your taking about). Liking a page on Facebook apparently supports starving children in other countries; it’s not like sending actual money could help more right?

The Internet even with all the weird and even with sites like 4Chan(stay far away), just makes it all the more charming like the crazy uncle who always comes to Thanksgiving naked….hmm that wasn’t my best example ever, but you get the point.



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